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Wagering on Progressions

Progressions (not to be confused with traditional meter advancing “Progressives”) are gradual advancements from one state to another. A progression that offers wagers at real time odds at each step in the advancement allows the player to strategically place bets similar in fashion to how one might “middle” a football game when the ‘line” or “point spread” changes.

Unlike many other games of chance that are one handle pull events our games entail a series of stages, or chapters, that tell stories. These stories, or progressions, allow the player to wager during the story on the story's ultimate ending.

As the story progresses the player is absorbed and keeps playing while Pop Up screens alert the player to the many opportunities presented as odds change during the story on the eventual outcome. Equity Gaming, LLC brings gaming entertainment to a new level and player participation to a new high.

Table Games

        Our Featured Game
This game plays amazingly smoothly. The odds are self explanatory and calculations are easy for both the player and the dealer. Players have the ability to hedge their wagers into guaranteed winning positions in a game that offers 3 to 1 odds, the longest odds of any table game. As the puck moves back and forth in tug of war players can lay the odds on the favorite or take the odds on the underdog.

Slot Games

While compelling in themselves, all of the following games can be adapted to perform as bonus rounds to traditional reel and video reel games!

This great slot game is based on the age old test of strength and endurance. As two giants pull back and forth the Ringmaster will alert you to betting opportunities to take or lay odds and leverage your bet. This easy to play game offers up lots of fun and excitement.

Cupid is up to his old mischievous tricks as he shoots his arrows to decide which heart will be broken. Betting opportunities abound as lover boy is torn between an hour glass figure and a face that would stop a clock. The more they tug the more you can win!

Who needs court TV when we can watch these two less than reputable lawyers chase down the latest ambulance? Which attorney will win depends on the scales of justice. You don’t have to have to wait for the verdict for your big cash settlement. Don’t fall victim to blind justice. Hedge your bets, sue for a settlement, and cash in big!

“I don’t have to out run the bear, I just have to out run you!” Don’t be the butt of this joke as this hilarious duo high tails it through the forest. Which hunter will escape and live to tell the tale. Make your bets along the trail and you too can bag the big game!

Remember side splitting laughter of musical chairs? Recapture the fun in this age old classic party spin off of a time tested standard. Who will be the last man standing? Pick who will win and who will be eliminated. Pick them in order and multiply your jackpots!


Other Slot Games

You thought the only place to get sports action was at the Race and Sports Book. We’ll go you one better. Equity Gaming, LLC's sport series lets you score right from your seat with new lines posted every inning, round, quarter, and down. Go for the big win, bet the favorite or play for the middle. In any case you’re arm chair quarterback.




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