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History of Tug of War :

It is easy to see that Tug of War dates back to that first primordial pull over the top banana. Since then Tug of War has become synonymous with competition, sportsmanship, conflict, and most other back and forth activities. But it took Equity Gaming, LLC to bring Tug of War into the civilized world of wagering as a game of chance. Take a glance back in time and see if you can trace the beginnings of Tug of War .

The origins of Tug of War are clouded in mystery but it is beyond dispute that this royal sport was practiced in ancient Egypt and China where legend has it the Sun and Moon played Tug of War over the light and darkness.

  • 2500 BC – Egyptians depict Tug of War contests on wall engravings. Artisans are rewarded with front row seats.

  • 1000 – Tug of War stories about heroic champions from Scandinavia and Germany circulate Western Europe where Viking warriors pull animal skins over open pits of fire in tests of strength and endurance in preparation for battle and plunder.

  • 1500 and 1600 – Tug of War is popularized during tournaments in French chateaux gardens and later in Great Britain. Legend has it William Shakespeare toys with the idea of developing She Loves Me She Loves Me Not into a love themed musical.

  • 1800 – Tug of War begins a new tradition among seafaring men who were required to tug on lines to adjust sails while ships were underway and even in battle. India becomes a hotbed of Tug-of War activity.

  • 1960 – The International Tug of War Federation is formed between representatives of Great Britain and Sweden.

  • 2004 – More than 200,000 Okinawans and U.S servicemen gather to watch and participate in the world’s largest Tug of War continuing 300 years of Asian tradition on a 600 foot rope weighing 40 tons. The contest signifies the bringing together of east and west Naha and features an 8 day festival of martial art performances, music, dancing, food, and fireworks, one of the largest in Japan.

  • 2006– Tug of War becomes a breakthrough gambling game on a bidirectional bilinear progression as both a table game and electronic gaming device.

  • 2008 – Tug of War with Equity Play™ appears in casinos, racinos, and cruise ships around the globe spreading the passion for wagering on progressions like wildfire worldwide.



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