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Clarifications :

Legal Disclaimers

Playable Demo Disclaimer – The downloadable trial of Tug-O-War is provided for entertainment and informational purposes only. No money, credits, or value is attached to playing this game. Playing this game will not improve your odds of winning in live casino play and results of playing this downloadable version are not indicative of the actual results when playing Tug-O-War in live casino play. Equity Gaming, LLC has not offered, endorsed, authorized, or licensed any game, including Tug-O-War, to any online gaming site.

Jurisdictional Disclaimer – Rules may vary depending upon jurisdictional regulations requirements. Please call for approval status in your area.

Sales Disclaimer – Equity Gaming, LLC is a licensed gaming supply company which provides products to authorized and licensed casino operators. It is our practice not to sell, lease, or approve the use of our product or services to unlicensed individuals, companies, or organizations. Equity Gaming, LLC does offer its games in an entertainment only and non gaming format for consumers. Please call for inquires of this nature.

Intellectual Property – The concepts described herein are the property of Equity Gaming, LLC and are protected by numerous US and international patents pending. All of the content contained in this site is also protected by US copyright. Further, our trademarks presented herein are also protected under Federal and/or common law.


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