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Mission Statement

Equity Gaming, LLC provides the gambler with interesting games of chance that offer the quintessential wagering opportunity, the taking and laying of odds to guarantee a profit.

Equity Gaming, LLC specializes in creating an entirely new gaming experience by identifying and developing a variety of progressions that facilitate this method of play for both live action and electronic device wagering applications.

There exists in the imagination of the gambler a special place where the assurance of "The Lock™" and "the sure thing" await. Until now that place was just a dream because those games did not exist. But now there is Equity Gaming, LLC! Equity Gaming, LLC, where the imagination of the gambler is realized in Opportunity Games™ with Equity Play™.


The Lock™ - The Lock™ occurs when a player makes a hedging wager that guarantees a winning scenario regardless of the outcome.

Opportunity!™ - An Opportunity!™ presents itself when a player's wagers and position have grown to a theoretical positive expectation. The player has the option of taking advantage of an Opportunity!™ that results in The Lock™ depending on their propensity for risk.

Equity Play™ - Equity Play™ is special. When a player's likelihood of winning increases the player's wagers increase in value. Players can leverage this value, or equity, with no additional investment to take advantage of an Opportunity!™ to secure The Lock™.


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