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          Sports Series™

Equity Gaming, LLC now applies wagering on progression concepts to traditional games of skill in electronic format. Imagine being able to stop a horse race with a touch of a finger and have new odds instantly calculated and available for immediate betting. How about increasing your wager in the bottom of the 9th? Now you can!

Equity Gaming, LLC's progressive sport series allows the player to wager during the race, during the game, or during the match at intervals of their choosing. All of these Games have "The Lock™", Opportunity!™, and Equity Play™ features just like our other games.

Bet more on your team when they're winning or hedge your bet a fraction to lock in a win regardless of the outcome. Is your team losing? Bet enough on the leading team to cover. You may choose to play strategically to cover your wagers on both teams as you secure the largest possible return with virtually no risk. Where can you do this? Only with an Opportunity!™ Game with Equity Play™!

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