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          Tug-O-War™ Table Game

         Basic Game

Two Warriors tug back and forth on a Puck. Players wager on which Warrior they think will win the Tug-O-War.

One Warrior will win by pulling the Puck completely to their end. During the contest one warrior will become the favorite by having tugged the Puck closer to him while the other warrior, with the Puck further from him, becomes the underdog.

The odds change as the Puck moves. Players can take the odds on the favorite or lay the odds on the dog. When the Puck is exactly in the middle of the Warriors the odds are even money.


The Tug-O-War is represented by a Puck moving between a Yellow Warrior and a Blue Warrior. There are 3 units between the Warriors and the Puck advances one unit at a time. Players wager when the Puck is at rest between movements. At each unit on the line there is one Arrow for Yellow Warrior wagers and one Arrow for Blue Warrior wagers.

Puck Movement

One card is issued to the Yellow Warrior and one card is issued to the Blue Warrior. The $ Puck moves one unit (one horizontal pair of arrows) toward the Warrior with the higher card. In the illustration below the Puck would move one arrow toward the Yellow Warrior.


There are two types of wagers:

High Card wagers – made on the Circles on which Warrior will receive the higher card. These wagers are won or lost on a single draw of the cards. In the illustration above a Player has a $25 wager that Yellow will receive the Higher Card

Tug-O-War wages – made on the Arrows on which Warrior will win the Tug-O-War. These wagers are won or lost when the Puck reaches a Warrior. Note the $10 wager on the Blue Warrior and the $5 wager on the Yellow Warrior.

Players wager on the Arrows that correspond to the Puck position. In the illustration players could only wager on the center arrows (where the $10 wager is placed).


Occasionally the movement of the Puck will allow players to hedge their wagers to get paid no matter which Warrior wins the Tug-O-War. In the example above a player has a $10 to win $10 wager on the Blue Warrior and a $5 to win $15 wager on the Yellow Warrior. The Player will net $5 regardless!

Tug-O-War offers the best odds of any casino table game (3 to 1) and is the only game that allows this type of “spread betting” action that keeps players in action longer!


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